Spoken Cinema

Spoken Cinema™ is a new live experiential platform that customizes and communicates client messaging to large crowds through spoken word, an original cinematic score, dynamic animation and visuals, that when combined creates an immersive and engaging audience experience. A collaboration between our CEO David Fischette, spoken word artist Steve Connell, our team of composers, animators and video editors, Spoken Cinema™ evokes an emotional and visceral response through a dramatic and strategic live performance. Through the rhythm of powerful words, music and visuals, the result is a physical and emotional response that adds brand loyalty and pride to the event.



“Life moves at the speed of change and it can be scary how long it doesn’t take”. This powerful piece speaks to the concept of change in the face of disaster.


Is your pet just a pet? Or is your pet a part of the family? This piece brings to life the love that so many of us share with our four-legged friends.


It’s not called death insurance. It’s called life insurance. And Transamerica is all about changing lives in the midst of tragedy.


This powerful live performance was designed to instill pride in Kelly Blue Book’s employees. They are, after all, our go-to source for car valuation and pricing.


Our production for Matrix by L’oreal was a synchronization of spoken cinema, choreographed dance and live animation. Go West Creative’s in-house production team worked tirelessly to pull off this one-of-a-kind piece.


Another collaboration between Go West Creative’s in-house design and animation team, this live piece about “transformation” was produced for Sonic Drive-In’s franchisee event.