City of Nashville

When Go West Creative was approached by Industrial Strength Marketing for support on a new initiative from Nashville’s Mayor’s Office, the need was very clear - collaboration..


“We were looking for a true partnership between the two companies, with the hopes of assembling the best team.” said INDUSTRIAL’s VP of Accounts Holly Hixson. She continued… “Many shops hesitate to work with like-minded companies, but we recognized the need to augment our capabilities, and be open to a creative collaboration. Our sole mission is to do what’s in the best interest of our clients, and we’re so glad Go West has the same approach.” Go West’s VP of Development Bradley Barber agreed… “We pride ourselves on bringing solutions and being great storytellers, so partnering with James Soto and his team at INDUSTRIAL was an easy decision for us.”

The project that was the benefit of this unique collaboration was NashvilleMade, a video designed to bring together some of the best and brightest leaders in Nashville’s maker and manufacturing community and encourage the continued development of products and the workforce needed for sustainable growth in Davidson County.

“The goal of the video was to highlight the talents and passions of just a few of the entrepreneurs and corporations who are at the core of Nashville’s growing manufacturing scene.” Said Jim Olen, VP of Creative at Go West who co-wrote and directed NashvilleMade. “It was a labor of love to see it all come together and to witness the pride on so many faces as they shared stories on how they’ve built and embraced their craft.”

With the objective to come together for a common cause, this group of professionals aims to remove barriers to grow and advocate for pro-business policies. Their focus includes zoning, permitting, workforce and small business incentives, tax laws, and incentivizing the purchase of locally made products with local lawmakers to continue the growth trend in this critical business sector.

 For more information about NashvilleMade, go to http://www.nashvillemade.us.

Nashvillemade Production Credits include:

Brand: City of Nashville | Office of Mayor David Briley| Economic and Community Development, Audra Ladd | Agency: INDUSTRIAL | Account Team: Holly Hixson / James Soto | Agency Producer: Jackie Anderson | Writer(s): Holly Hixson / Brett Henley / Jim Olen | Art Direction: Brent Lathrop / Jim Olen | Creative Production Partner: Go West Creative Group | Director: Jim Olen | Producer: Erin Thiele | Editor: Silas Phillips