"National Convention”

Sonic Drive-In

With more than twenty-seven hundred franchises located in thirty states, Sonic is the nation's largest chain of drive-in fast-food restaurants.


Services: Creative Development and Production, Event and Media Production, Event Activation

For the eighth year in a row, we worked closely with the SONIC executive team to energize and inspire their 2500 franchisees and managers from across the country. Since we have been on their journey with them for so many years, we understood their core goals for the conference, which was to reinforce their multi-year plan that will lead towards 2020. Over the past few conferences, we had built “MOMENTUM,” “TRANSFORMED,” their vision of the future – and now it was time to “ACCELERATE”.

To immediately connect this theme with the audience, we created an opening production number that began with a lone artist on stage and accelerated to a crescendo with more than 50 performers on stage.

Starting under the glow of a single spotlight, a singer performed the song “Royals,” accompanied only by the rhythm she created by thumping a Solo (rebranded for SONIC) cup against a table.

As she hit the second verse, a group of “Imagine Dragons” drummers joined her to step up the beat. Methodically, we accelerated the number, adding a drum line, backup singers, a funky brass jazz band, a rock band and a full Gospel choir. By the end of the first song, the musicians and their instruments, combined with the media on the screens, blended into a harmonious wave of energy that enveloped and invigorated the audience.

As the now massive band transitioned into their second number, two “gangs” of trick roller skaters and New Orleans-style steppers, took the stage to have a “battle.”

The music, performers and media continued its acceleration towards a colossal climax that had the audience not simply on their feet – but had many on their chairs – with an ovation that did not seem to end. As the applause continued and echoed throughout the room, the Chairman of SONIC took the stage… and the conference began.

The following two days were comprised of non-stop action on the main stage, as top level executives shared their vision and inspired franchisees with their presentations, reinforced by over 75 pieces of original media content that we created in-house.

In addition, the Accelerate theme was tangibly delivered to a lucky few through prize give-a-ways and competitions, culminating in a Minute-to-Win-It game. The few lucky contestants that got a chance to play, went head-to-head to go home with a custom SONIC Camaro designed (and personally delivered) by the team at Fast n’ Loud.

Along with the SONIC House Band that kept the energy going and a massive Mardi Gras Party Gras for the final night, the whole experience connected the attendees with their goals and theme during every moment of the conference. They returned to their stores in emotional overdrive ready to motivate their teams to ACCELERATE towards that 2020 finish line.