“Go West, young man.”

Go West Creative is both a direction and a philosophy, navigating our clients away from traditional thinking to new, uncharted, creative frontiers. The experiences, events and original content that we create connects brands to the human spirit. Manifesting not marketing, but memories.

Go beyond. Go west. Go West Creative.



It is in Go West’s DNA to surf the leading wave of trends and technology in the creation of extraordinary experiences.


Large scale event execution


Consumer Engagement


Creative content production


Whatever you can imagine



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Case Studies
  • Farmer’s Insurance “Championship”
    Chicago Navy Pier
  • Marilyn Moment
    New York City
    Creative Development and Production, Event and Media Production, Event Activation
  • Five Guys National Franchisee Conference and Games
    Activations, TUFFtxts, Video content, Animation
  • UNDP Equator Prize
    Lincoln Center, New York City
  • Petco
    Nashville, TN


David Fischette
David Fischette
President, CEO & Chief Creative

My role is to provide vision, leadership and context to the team while working along side our executive team to navigate the company in the right direction with regards to day to day management decisions and the right creative direction for all our client experiences.

Rick Borja
Rick Borja
Senior Vice President

As one of the founding partners of the company, I oversee the West Coast office of Go West Creative. I am also an Executive Producer, with an emphasis on Technical Production, Direction, and Design. On the side, I'm an ordained minister and I've married about 20 couples.

Julie Johnston
Julie Johnston
Vice President of People

It's my job to take care of the people of Go West. I work closely with our clients, staff, vendors and freelancers to ensure they are getting what they need when they need it. I value relationships and I work hard to create a positive work environment. Investing in our people is the key to success.

Bradley Barber
Bradley Barber
Vice President of Development

My #1 objective is to create smiles and laughter. I help in various roles in all of our departments from ideation to execution. Follow me on Instagram @booradleybee

Jeremy Engleman
Jeremy Engleman
Vice President of Creative

My main contributions lie in experiential design. Stage sets, broadcast set design, museum & tradeshow exhibits, permanent media and entertainment installs and the like. I work with just about any material or system in the entertainment industry. My favorite entertainers are Galactic and Steve Martin.

Sara Linton
Sara Linton
Project Manager

I manage events from intimate, high-profile events to conventions and trade shows with thousands of attendees, my attention to detail knows no limit. My experience has provided a well-rounded perspective in event management, as well as a better understanding of venue management and the client point of view. My favorite motto when it comes to events is, “Leave no stone left unturned. Then turn them all over again."

Diane Prosser
Diane Prosser

As the accountant of the group I deal in numbers and logic. Being in such a creative environment pushes me to think outside of the box. When not at work I am enjoying time with family and attending my son’s many sporting and school activities.

Silas Phillips
Silas Phillips
Creative Dynamo

As the youngest member of the Go West Team, I am proud to be a creative problem solver. Any chance to find a solution to a problem we have, I am beyond excited to face it. I am hard working and love doing things for people. You can find me photographing, filming, and documenting the events we do and may even see me painting or building them too.

Ryan Earl
Ryan Earl
Director of Logistics

I manage the GWC warehouse, oversee our audio/video and stage scenic and always make sure all the necessary gear gets on the trucks that go out on the road. Once the trucks are loaded I then get to drive those trucks to the job location. I love seeing the country and getting in some fishing when I can.

Madison Machen
Madison Machen
Creative Coordinator

Coordinating a group of wickedly creative artists is not for the faint of heart. It is my job to add a bit of order to the creative process, keeping the team on schedule and budget. I'm passionate about finding innovative solutions to everyday problems – because of this, no two days are the same. When I’m not working, you’ll likely find me spending time with my dogs or exploring Nashville’s food scene.

Erin Thiele
Erin Thiele
Executive Assistant

I started at GWC as an intern while attending Belmont University and have worked my way up to an executive assistant position. I help out in many areas from assisting with day-to-day production needs to line producing our video shoots. I love pitching in where I can and learing the magical world of Go West while I am at it. I am from Wisconsin. I really love cheese.

Chris Grunert
Chris Grunert
Logistics Assistant

My role is to make sure all our audio/ video and staging equipment is ready to go for our next event. Along with Ryan, I also help make sure things at our GWC Warehouse run smoothly. I’m a news buff who loves travel and live music.

Greg Ogne
Greg Ogne
Technical Coordinator

I coordinate the maintenance, movement, and purchase of equipment in the Nashville office. Additionally, I act as a technician onsite to ensure that our events flow smoothly. If I could, I would throw the first event on the moon, because that would be awesome.

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